17 Sep 2015 Meeting

FWBBS, 17 Sep 2015 Meeting

What happens when you have 15 bonsai lovers together with 30 trees?

Many different opinions!

It was an evening to share problems and hopes for a large variety of trees.  Some we rejoiced were doing so well and others...well, better luck next time

Several members brought in trees they had been working on or hoped to work on and shared the progress and plans for those trees.

Everything from more shari to fewer limbs to brass screws to insure the grafts would take.

Did you know Asiatic Jasmine will form a trunk if pot bound?  Amazing little tree.  Another...a mother/daughter tree was in great shape and growing peacefully side by side all because of a good graft held in place with a brass screw.  Who knew?

Pine trees breaking buds on old wood?  We saw it last night.

Despair over a favorite tree being ‘over’ pruned in a workshop?  It is looking good now.  Sometimes time is all that is needed.  And a little fertilizer and sunshine!

Thanks to all who brought trees and for all the great questions that came out of sharing our successes and, in some cases, our failures.

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