Bonsai Work for January

Bonsai Work for January

The weather has been outstandingly mild – way too mild to be doing much bonsai work.  There was finally a light freeze on December 21st but not enough to put trees into dormancy.  Some of my elms and maples still have last summer’s leaves!  I usually advise beginning repotting Japanese black pines the end of December or the first of January but there has not been enough cold to ensure that the roots are not actively growing so I have postponed beginning the work until later in January.  Wait until February or early March to begin repotting deciduous trees.  This is a perfect time to mix bonsai soil.  If you use flower rock, be sure that you sift it to remove the dust. Ewing’s on Lovejoy Rd in Ft Walton has Turface so all the necessary ingredients are available locally.  Wash pots and get all your tools sharpened so you will be ready for the mad rush that will begin in about a month.

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