Kusomona and Moss Balls

    photo by Manuel Alejandro 

  photo by Ed Fabian

A wonderful workshop in March was presented by Rosemarie.  We were treated to a wealth of small plants to create the moss balls we can use as accent plants.

In addition to learning more about the uses of these small creations we were invited to get our hands DIRTY (thanks to the long-ago person who invented gloves).  Rosemarie had to do some serious searching to find all the lovely plants that make up these small plantings.

(Click for More moss balls and accent plants)

This could be a good workshop for children…you need plants and muck and fine bonsai soil.  Some of the moss "balls" were created in small pots Rosemarie provided.  One of the great ideas Rosemarie passed along to us was the versatility of these plants.  They can be changed with the seasons by adding different plants at the appropriate times.

Accent plants created by Bonsai Societies of Florida members are in 'Exhibits and Photos'.  Click here

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